About Matlock

Matlock – The TV Series

Matlock originally ran from 9/23/86 to 5/7/95. The adventures of high-dollar defense attorney Benjamin Leighton Matlock are chronicled in this classic murder mystery series.

Educated at Harvard Law, Ben Matlock always proves his clients’ innocence by finding the real murderer. Most episodes end with Matlock verbally beating the guilty party into submission on the stand, followed by the jury finding the defendant not guilty.

Classic television murder mystery comes in one flavor: Matlock.

Primary Cast

Ben Matlock
Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock, defense attorney

Charlene Matlock
Linda Purl as Charlene Matlock, Ben’s daughter

Kene Holliday
Kene Holliday as Tyler Hudson, private investigator

Julie Sommars
Julie Sommars as Julie March, prosecuting attorney

Nancy Stafford
Nancy Stafford as Michelle Thomas, lawyer and Ben’s partner

Clarence Gilyard, Jr.
Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Conrad McMasters, private investigator



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