Episode 124

Matlock – The Game Show

Season 6 – #10 | Watch free episode online when available
Murder: Stabbing by vegetable peeler

2 thoughts on “Episode 124

  1. I like the Matlock Series so I have a lot of favorite episodes but what I like about this episode was that they were involved in a Game Show Producer’s Murder Case. I liked how Knowledgeable Michelle was about all of the Categories. I think the Writing was great, I believe that them Writing that the lights were turned off so nobody could guess who the killer was, was smart and realistic. My favorite scene was whenever the Seamstress was looking at Michelle to Estimate what kind of suit to make for Michelle, what I liked was how Michelle looked like she was concerned about the Game Show Hostess’ Phone call and the Lady talking to Her gave her some advice about how to deal with Stagefreight.

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