Episode 180

Matlock – The Dare

Season 9 – #4 | Watch free episode online when available
Murder: Stabbing

Vivica A. Fox
Terry O’Quinn guest stars
The greatest Matlock episode of all-time guest starring Terry O’Quinn as Malcolm Engle, cocky philanthropist murderer extraordinaire. Engle invites Matlock over for dinner, taunts him and challenges him to solve a murder that he hasn’t committed yet. In The Dare, the murder victim is Matlock’s old acquaintance, Lieutenant Bob Brooks (David Froman) so the case is personal. So personal that our murderer’s vengeance is fueled by an old case in which Matlock got the defendant a successful insanity plea – the victim in that murder was Engle’s son.
(episode below)

2 thoughts on “Episode 180

  1. It’s a great episode, but after seeing it, I can’t believe how open/gullible/naive Lieutenant Bob Brooks allowed himself to be!!!!! Ben told him about somebody “crazy” that said he was going to kill someone he knows, and then he see’s a loopy guy in a suit walk out of the bushes in a suit acting cocky, suspicious and semi (fully??!!!) psychotic, and Bob isn’t carrying a gun, taking proper precautions, keeping his distance….bringing the loon in at gunpoint/or what ever other precautionary method he has (experienced detective methods…taking caution, using common sense), and he just walks recklessly into his departure from the show….the killer really had an easy time of it……..mind boggling, and earlier he chased down a guy stealing his cycle!!!!!

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